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Welcome to Brown Radiology


The Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Brown University’s Alpert Medical school provides services at Brown’s principal teaching hospitals, performing more than 500,000 imaging examinations each year. Our 60+ faculty members are subspecialized experts, including national leaders and researchers engaged in a wide range of investigations.

We are focused on and dedicated to our educational mission and have over 35 trainees in our department. In addition to ACGME accredited residencies in diagnostic and interventional radiology, we have fellowships in body imaging and intervention, breast imaging, and in neurointerventional radiology which provide opportunities for further post- graduate training. Our faculty and trainees teach Brown medical students through multiple medical school clerkships and electives both at the medical school and in the hospital setting.

We welcome you to learn more about our programs and our people.

John J Cronan, MD
Chair, Department of Diagnostic Imaging

Clinical Sites

Diversity and Inclusion

Saurabh Agarwal, MD

Our department is deeply committed to promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion.  We strive to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all residents and trainees and work alongside the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. There are several available resources including department-wide newsletters and lectures as well as various events through the Brown Minority Housestaff Association, Office of Women in Medicine and Science, Brown Sexual and Gender Minority Alliance, and others. There are quarterly MED (Medical Education through Diversity) talks, a speaker series started in 2015 open to all interested Brown housestaff and medical community members, focused on better understanding of how to provide culturally competent care. We are also proud to sponsor the Diversity in Medicine Visiting Student Scholarship sponsoring qualified underrepresented students (URM) to receive a scholarship to help pay for costs associated with doing away rotations at Brown. The goal of our diversity program is to provide mentorship and a broad-based culturally competent education, which in turn allows us to provide the best possible care for our diverse community and patient population. The program is led by Dr. Saurabh Agarwal, who is the Vice Chair of Diversity and Inclusion for the Department of Diagnostic of Imaging.

Women in Radiology

Dr. Elizabeth

The Women in Radiology group at Brown fosters a supportive environment for
trainees and faculty members who are women, provides opportunities for networking and
camaraderie, and encourages women to seek out leadership positions by providing
career development tools. Our women in radiology program is run by Dr. Elizabeth Dibble together with our 2022-2023 resident leaders, Dr. Celina Duran and Dr. Jessica Yoon. Meetings throughout the year include journal and book clubs, keynote speaker events, welcome celebrations and other social gatherings.


Research plays an important role in the academic mission of our department. Research at all levels—from the benchtop to the patient—is not only critical to ensuring the safe and robust implementation of new imaging methods, but it also permits the investigation of novel and creative imaging approaches. As important, research is intellectually satisfying and rewarding on a personal level. It allows us to investigate interesting questions in our field and address vexing problems. Research provides the opportunity to don our creative caps, yield to our curiosity, and explore.

We are particularly proud of our strong research legacy here at Brown. Our Diagnostic Imaging Research Division has historically been very productive over a broad range of research topics and imaging specialties, including cutting edge research from our Brown Radiology Human Factors Lab Radiology Human Factors Lab (co-directed by Drs. Grayson Baird and Michael Bernstein) and our Medical Imaging Artificial Intelligence Lab (led by Dr. Zhicheng Jiao). The future here is very bright! 

Trainees at all levels from undergraduates to fellows participate in research across a broad range of topics and are encouraged to do so. Our trainees frequently attend national and international meetings to present their research. To promote and enhance research productivity within the department, we have implemented several support systems including

  • Full-time research coordinators to help with Grants, IRB submissions, patient recruitment, etc.
  • Data retrieval specialists
  • Expert faculty for statistical support
  • Advanced Imaging Lab (AIL) for data analysis and post-processing (for both research and clinical applications)
  • Radiology Human Factors Lab (RHF)

If you are interested in learning more about research activity within the Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Brown, please feel free to contact us.

Wendy Smith, BS, RTRCV, CCRP, Diagnostic Imaging Research
Michael Atalay, MD, PhD, Vice Chair of Imaging Research

Advanced Imaging Lab (AIL)

Our state-of-the-art Advanced Imaging Lab (AIL) was developed to enhance clinical services, provide research support and educate and train the next generation of health care professionals. The 1800 square foot lab is located in the heart of the Diagnostic Imaging Department at Rhode Island Hospital. While led by our department, the AIL embraces opportunities to work with other clinical and research departments.

The AIL is equipped with high-end Mac, Linux, and Windows workstations with a variety of software tools, a teleconferencing/telemedicine system, and non-clinical research data servers. These data servers can facilitate research by providing automated medical imaging de-identification as well as imaging storage and archival capabilities. High performance computing, 3D printing, motion capture, and other 3D-related services are available through partnerships with other local facilities and departments. A full software suite is available for data analysis and post-processing.

Our list of clinical applications continues to grow, with programs in cardiovascular, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, and oncologic imaging in addition to  interventional radiology and surgical planning.

Please contact Aleksandar Todorovich with any questions about the AIL or to schedule a tour.

Brown Radiology Human Factors (RHF)

The Radiology Human Factors (RHF) Lab is a collaboration of experimental psychologists, statisticians, biomedical engineers, and radiologists across Brown University, Lifespan Hospital System, and Rhode Island Medical Imaging that provides programmatic research dedicated to improving patient care by optimizing human factors in radiology. RHF Lab provides a venue for faculty and trainees to both conduct and participate in research in behavioral and human factors radiology. The lab serves as a point of contact across other departments and intuitions interested in collaboration.

Please visit for more information.