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Our IR Alumni


M. Bilal Alam, MD
Anthony A. Turk, MD


Shiraz C. Ghanimian, MD


Justin McCool, MD
Lisa Rauschert, MD


Thomas Alberico, MD
Andrew Marshall, MD
Monica Roca, MD


Ali Alikani, MD
Bhumika Patel, MD
Luby Sidoff, MD


Veral Amin, MD
Michael Hagar, MD
Avi Mesipam, MD


Faramaz Edalat, MD
Nik Kolicaj, MD
Joann Kee-Sampson


Megan Chang, MD
Joseph Farnam, MD
William LoVerme, MD


Joshua Kuban, MD
Kelly Mortell, MD
Farrah Wolf, MD


Van Nguyen, MD
Matthew Recker, MD
Al Scappaticci, MD, PhD


Gunvir Gill, MD
Namit Mahajan, MD
Bryan VanZandt, MD


Vincent Chu, MD
Nishant DeQuadros, MD
Kapil Schroff, MD

Alumni Comments

“My training at Brown was unparalleled. I felt prepared to start to practice at a high level on day one after graduating. The attendings are amazing teachers and awesome to work with.” – Thomas Alberico, MD ’20

“Brown IR was a fantastic place to train. Two things stuck out to me as particularly outstanding: the mentors and the breadth of experience. The faculty are invested in your success and fun to work with. That combined with the variety of cases/clinic problems made me feel confident to tackle anything I came across when I started on my own.” – Joshua Kuban, MD ‘15

“The interventional training at Brown is an exceptional and well rounded experience. The program provides exposure to a strong mix of complex cases including neurointerventional cases. The program has left me well prepared for my job in private practice. If given the opportunity, I would choose the training program at Brown again. ” – Andrew Marshall, MD ‘20

“I was very fortunate to complete my Vascular and Interventional Radiology fellowship at Brown University. Throughout my fellowship year, my learning was guided by the skilled and knowledgeable minds and hands of world-renowned physicians. I was initially drawn to Brown due to the opportunity to participate in neuroendovascular cases. I felt challenged and rewarded by the complexity and variety of different cases presented throughout the year. I felt I had a very well-rounded experience throughout the duration of my training. The attending physicians were committed to helping their fellows succeed and develop a professional independence that continues far beyond the borders of Rhode Island. My fellowship year left me well prepared as I made my transition to becoming an attending. I feel fortunate to have learned from some of the greatest minds in radiology.” – Avi Mesipam, MD ‘18

“Brown gave me head to toe Interventional training in a rigorous academic environment. The year flew by too quickly but I was well prepared for independent practice after graduation.” – Joanna Kee-Sampson, MD ‘17

IR Alumni
IR Alumni
IR Alumni
IR Alumni